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News/ Info   

New Member!!!
I would like to welcome the newest member to the clan {WuLFz}Outlaw_[P].
Hopefully many more to come!

New Ranking System
Well, I changed up the ranking system a bit. I added a few more ranks so that it would vary more between each rank. Now it goes from a Private-Corpral-Seargent-Captain-Leuitanent-Major-Colonel-General. Hope you like it!

New Member!!
I'd like to welcome the {WuLFz} newest member {WuLFz}-Sodom! We are still looking for a few good members.

Whole New Look
Today I changed up the clan pages a lot. Instead of having all the members on one page I made it so they all have there own pages. On each page it will tell of the players favorite weapons, favorite maps, rank, quote and a little bit of info on each player. I still have to gather up more info on each player but I hope you like it!

The Flood
Well it's April which means the new Halo Novel(Halo : The Flood) is out!!! Actually it came out yesterday but anyhow it should be good. Go out and get one!

Spring Break!
    Well spring break has finally come which means more time to kick ass on XBConnect. Remember were still looking for a few more good members!!!
To[X]iC or ReIN4CeR

Gaurdians of Halo???
    In the cheats page I added a weird scenario that when two players die at once it says you were killed by the gaurdians. Check it out!
To[X]iC or ReIN4CeR

We are Linked.
    As we stated earlier, HBO put our site address on their news page, but a few days later it was added to the Links page...WoW!!
To[X]iC or ReIN4CeR

New Members!!! Finally
I would like to welcome two new members to the clan... {WuLFz}Anti_[P] and {WuLFz}wrath!!!! Even though we got these good members were still looking for more!
To[X]iC or ReIN4CeR

Old News
    As many of you already know Halo 2 will not becoming out in 2003. I think its because they want to make Halo 2 as best as possible.

Members Wanted!
    Many members of the clan are not going online much anymore and are being removed from the clan. We hope to gain some new, elite members in a few days. If you want to tryout just look on XBC and see if any of us are on and holding tryouts.

Well…That Was Quick is back online. It seems that the machine that holds their server "broke". They also say that it has been crashing a lot lately. That could explain why it was offline a lot of the time.

All Problems Must Come 2 An End!

    For those of you who don't know Bungie put the site address, Halo Cave, as my site (I think I had a typo in my e-mail). I have taken full responsibility in fixing it. It is now and always was created by Toxic!

Now this happened without warning., is offline they have lost a power supply. No one saw this coming.

Ally or Enemy?
I added an Allies & Enemies list on the clans page. Go see if your an ally or enemy! More clans to be added later.


Their News About Our News

    I have e-mailed 3 times already and they finally accepted our site as one of their links. That's one more step complete! -Lead_Head

Looking For a Clan?
This weekend I will be holding some tryouts(XBConnect) most likely, and if you are hoping to join an elite clan then TRYOUT! If you dont see the tryouts up,I will have some up soon!     To[X]iC                                                  
Fragapalooza is Coming!
Just to let you know, the tournament fest Fragapalooza is coming and we hope that the console game voted for the tournament is Halo. Be sure to go to the site and vote for Halo!! To[X]iC
We Have A New One!

I would like to welcome our newest member: {WulFz}Xiro_[P].

Movies Please!  

I will also be trying to get some movies to Toxic. Some you may have seen others I'm growing in my garden. If you know of anything that lets you send any amount of attachments please tell me…I will give you something cool, and no it's not a virus.

Going, Going, Gone

Remember if you don't prove that you're a dedicated member you will be gone in a flash! Personally I haven't seen these people at all: spsdrock, Diablos, Wax, and Assasin

Past, Present, Future

    I personally don't know how long {WuLFz} have been around but I have to say that there have been some awesome games. It saddens me that I've seen some of the past teammates quit that I had gained friendships with: Talon, Aswang, ect. Minx is on the verge of quitting and I would like to urge him to come back.
     On the bright side I have seen worthy and admirable people being recruited: ChampBaily and others. Right now times are rough and we need more dedicated recruits. If you know of anyone who goes on their Xbox a lot and you think they will qualify…what are you waiting for? Contact me at

Finally Some News

I, LeadHead, have finally got this news thing going. This is the first of what hope to be many reports.

Feb. 14
   New " News/Info " layout added. Hope you like it.

Feb. 12

   New Truth and Reconciliation Walkthrough added. Be sure to check it out. Look for new walkthroughs up soon.

Jan. 12

   Two new walkthroughs added - "Pillar of Autumn" and "Halo". Check it out.

Jan. 2

   Whole new Halo 2 Section opened!!!!!
   "New layout added". Hope you like it!
   Check out the concept art page. A new picture was added.

Based on an alien ring, your quest for survival and victory begins. After being invaded by the covenant forces you escape and land on halo. Lost for millions of years, you try to discover the mysteries of the ring and destroy it before it destroys earth. Get ready for the quest of a lifetime.

Named "Game of the Year" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officially announced at E3 that there will be a sequel to Halo.