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Cheats/ Hints/ Tips   
By To[X]iC

Easier Way Up - When in assault in the control room, when you come out to the fight outside beside the control room you don't have to fight all the covenant all the way up. You can just jump on the middle pillar beside where you get the rocket launcher and climb it all the way up until the top and then just slide down on the wall.

Tip- Best weapon for flood - When fighting the flood race try to use the shotgun because it only takes one or two shots to kill them..

Mysterious song - Here you will have to get the banshee when your on the land bridge in assault in the control room. Later when your down on the ground in the outside battle grab the banshee and fly up to the second of three concrete stands where the blue plasma ray that comes out of the structure beside the control room.. land on the second one and then get out of your banshee and you should here a mysterious song.

Helpless flood - when fighting the flood and you just want to have a bit of fun, shoot the floods arms off and he should just be following you trying to hurt you but is unable to.

Secret area in 343 guilty spark - when dropped off at the beginning of the level jump out of the dropship and run around to the rock in front of the cockpit of the ship. Jump onto the rock then on to the ship. proceed your way to the back of the ship and wait until it takes off and your close to the ledge on the other side. Run to the back jet closest to the ledge and jump onto the ledge at the right time. Walk around up there for a bit and you will find a surprise (we don't want to spoil it).

Get off the map of sidewinder - Here you will have to take the scorpion tank and drive it up the windy road to the bridge on the second level. Then put a ghost on the bridge so that the tank can use it to get over the pillars on the bridge. When you get over the bridge line the tank up sideways close to the wall near the little tunnel with the transport portal. Then take the ghost and jump it off the tank up out of the map. You can either ride the ghost up there or just walk around and explore.

Skip Silent Cartographer large part - when you go to the door that the covenant just locked bring the jeep down there and face it towards the door while your standing against the door. Then throw a plasma grenade at the window of the warthog so it will bounce and land on the gun. When it blows it should push you right through the door letting your skip a large part of the level silent cartographer.

No Elite (Silent Cartographer) - When your at the locked door in silent cartographer you can jump up at the window in the door and shoot the elite until he dies. You must use a pistol or an assault rifle.

Infinite Pistol Ammo - When you  only have one bullet in the clip left stand on another gun and start to reload your pistol but right after pick the other gun up. You should hear it reload still. Then pick it up and it should have 120 clips in it again. Note : Sometimes it may not work.

Ammo Carts - During your attempt to escape the Pillar of Autumn in the first level, there is ammo carts on your way. Be sure to look around for them.

Get on Top of Blood Gulch - You can get on top of blood gulch by getting a ghost and taking it near the red base where the tunnel ends by the big rock. You have to ride the ghost sideways up to the rockside near just to the right of the tunnel entrance. Get out of the ghost a little bit before you hit the wall so that the ghost will push you up. Note : This may take a few tries but you will probably get it after a while.

Messages- At the create new profile screen where your entering a name, put ".fortune" and some messages should show up. Some are...
"Your hard work will pay off" and "Smile when your ready".

Gaurdian Message???
When I was playing online I was battling an oppenent and after I killed him he somehow meleed me also killing me. When I looked up at the message of who killed me it said " ....was killed by the gaurdians". I think this has to do with two players dying at once because it happened again with the same scenario. Weird!