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{WuLFz} Clan   
              Corel Presentations 8 Drawing
{WuLFz} is one of the top Clans around. Play us at Gamespy or XBC and test your skills.
If you want to contact us we are usually on xbox online at Gamespy or XBC. If you want to tryout for the clan you have to contact one of the members--{WuLFz}To[X]iC [G]

Members :  

1. {WulFz}To[X]iC_[G]              
2. {WulFz}ArkAngel_[COL]           
3. {WulFz}Lead_Head_[CPT]          
4. {WulFz}VooDooChiLD_[SGT]        
5. {WulFz}LoBoLo[C]o_[COR]         
6. {WuLFz}-Sodom_[SGT]                           
7. {WuLFz}Outlaw_[P]                                          



------ WuLFz Medal--- Achieve this when getting over 200 Kills in a game
    Note : (Must be only 10 captures or lower and must be playing with another member of clan)
------Medal of Survival---Achieve this when having a difference of 75 kills to deaths.
(Example- 100 kills- 25Deaths) Note : Must be playing with another member in the clan.
------Medal of Assistance---Achieve this when getting over 20 assists in one game of CTF- 5 captures or lower, TS up to 50 kills or lower.
------Medal of Victory---Achieve this medal when beating another clan by a shut out and having more kills for yourself  than the other clans individual kills.
------Medal of Excellence---Achieve this medal when achieving two medals in one game. Note: You may already have the two medals that you achieved and still get this medal.

{GoW}                                  [-InV-]