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Pillar of Autumn Walkthrough   
By To[X]iC    
    You awake from chryo-sleep and are about to go on a mission like never before. Right when the personel awakes you he will go through some control techniques and ask you if you want to have them changed.   
    When thats finished the covenant force known as the elites break through the control room above you and kill the personel helping with your training. The man standing next to you will tell you to follow him. Continue to follow him until the explosion outside the door occurs. After your on your own for a bit. You have no weapons, because all you have to do is make it to the deck where Captain Keyes is waiting for you. Once your their, a scene will come on. Watch it. Then he will give you a pistol. Proceed to where you entered the deck. Right after your pistol is acquired you should run into a bunch of grunts. Shoot them and move on to the open door. As you walk in you should equip an assault rifle. Clear the cafeteria and move your way on through the doors on the other side.
    After a while of running through halls and killing off covenant there will be a few big battles. One where marines are taking cover behind pillars and communication equipment. Take care of the covenant and move on. You will come across another big battle near some stairs. Clear the room and go up the stairs and make your way on. During your escape there will be tunnels that are dark. Use your flashlight by pressing the white button.
    Pretty soon after the stair area, there should be some life pods. You will not be able to use these so you will have to make your way on to the next bunch of life pods. Continue until you reach them. When your at the life pods, there will be grenades scattered all over the floor. Stand over them and throw them at the covenant. Dont worry about wasting them, your at the end of the level anyway. Just have fun with them and kill all of the covenant. After that jump over the ship equipment and turn into the life pod that is open. You have completed the level! Next up...Halo.